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iPhone App Wireframe Template

Published By Ryan on Mar.24.2009 at 1:54PM

iPhone app Template sample

Template for sketching out your next great iPhone or iPod touch app

After completing iBracket for the iTunes App Store, we thought it would be great if we had a notebook for sketching out ideas in meetings, at lunch, or where ever else we were... so we made one!

There are 2 versions available, one in landscape (as seen above) and one in portrait. Grab one or grab both to help develop your own apps. Each version includes 3 pages, page 1 has a vertical screen and a notes column, page 2 has a horizontal screen and a notes column. The final page has a 3 screen layout, great for drafting a design where you have a few ideas going in parallel until you merge them down into a final concept. All the pages have lots of white space for scribbling and comments.

Feel free to share this with anyone and everyone, just please link to this page. Please do not redistribute this under another name or on another site.

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New iPhone 4 and iPad templates are available for purchase! Our logo has been removed so you can use them as your own.